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Sunday, February 19, 2017

KK Ep68 English Subtitle [Key no Hanashi x Qelopin] 170212

This episode is titled Sudden Segment To Welcome Valentine: Using Sawabe For "Ideal Love Confession" Simulation

There's a love-ban rule in Keyakizaka46. But someday perhaps members' time to confess their love will come. So, as the Valentine day is near, it's a good time to warm up. This time, an ideal boyfriend available in the studio, Sawabe-san, will play the male role in members' ideal love confession simulation. Performing their simulation this time are Habu Mizuho, Sugai Yuuka, Oda Nana, and Saito Fuyuka. Each performing member will give Sawabe-san a score based on her satisfaction of Sawabe-san's play. Members also give presents to the MC Tsuchida Teruyuki and Sawabe Yu, but interestingly each member can only give it to just one MC, so they have to choose.


Original INDO SUB by Key no Hanashi

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  1. woop woop, great, i'll be waiting for eps 69, they said will announce new senbatsu thanks for your hardwork,

  2. barbaric love ban.

    I want to marry Berika now, and not have to wait until she graduates :'(

  3. Please... give us more Nogizaka shows =p

    1. I have a full time job now so I can't go fast in subbing, but still working on it :)

  4. Himetan was forced to go out..