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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Nogizaka46 MUSIC LINE Sticker

Finally what I've been waiting for. A LINE sticker from Nogizaka46. I've never been so excited for so long. Although I'm surely late to know this, I'd be happy anyway. It's so amazing. You can listen to the voice of each of the Fukujin members. There are Shiraishi, Nishino, Sakurai, Ikoma, Wakatsuki, Takayama, Hori, Matsumura, Eto, Akimoto, Asuka, and Ikuta. What's unusual is that there are two music clips of INFLUENCER, Nogizaka46's 17th single.

Nogizaka46 MUSIC Stickers

Nogizaka46 MUSIC LINE Sticker img2

For those of you who don't use Japanese mobile number, which are 99.9% of you, you need to use VPN to download this sticker as the sticker is blocked outside Japan. For detailed tips you can refer to another blog like this one or just Googling for "how to download Japanese sticker using VPN".

Nogizaka46 MUSIC LINE Sticker img3
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