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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Nogizaka Under Construction Ep56 English Subtitle [Qelopin] 160515

This episode is titled Come! New staff recruitment competition!

This is the second part of this topic. The first part of it is Episode 55.

In this episode several members present the activity club they want to establish. After presentations, the spectating members will choose which club they want to enter. Presenting members in this episode (Part 2) are Takayama Kazumi and Hori Miona. Then members will choose to which activity club they want to join. These clubs will do challenging activities in the future of the show, like in Episode 17.03.19 where the mountain climbing club doing frozen waterfall climbing. By the way, the topic for this episode was proposed by Akimoto Manatsu in episode 53, which has been subbed HERE.


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Made with RAW from Naisho

Translation references
mainly from Korean sub and additionally from Chinese sub

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  1. wow.. thank you so much Qelopin

    looking forward to your next release :)

  2. wow thank you very much man! this is awesome