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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Keyakitte, Kakenai Ep65 English Subtitle [Nerukofansub x Qelopin] 170122

This episode is titled "Struggle to Get New Year Present" Game!

In this episode members do some games. In turns, every member has to clear the mission so that they can get a delicious reward, New Year present in the form of sweet cakes. The games are quite easy but it's more importantly about their solidarity. Pressure is building up as the failure of one member will cause all members to not get the reward. A member even almost broke down in tears because of her failure, but eventually she will be so delighted.


Original INDO SUB by Nerukofansub

Made by using RAW from SUKI48 (720p)

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  1. Thanks buat subnya. Tertarik ngerjain yg 64 sama 66 gk? Blm ad yg ngsub dua ep itu.

  2. Pingin sih gan, tapi ane belum bisa bahasa jepang. Baru bisa translate dari indo ke english aja biar bule bule bisa ikutan nonton. 64 sama 66 belum ada sub indonya.