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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

[NEWS] The feeling expression of Oota Aika (HKT48) after her graduation announcement.

17 January 2017

HKT48 Oota Aika Graduation Announcement"I actually wanted to announce my graduation when I was 19 years old. When I was 20 years old, more precisely, at AKB48's 10th anniversary, I have decided to graduate. I have been thinking about it for the last 3 years. I keep asking whether there will be regret when deciding to graduate or not. Then, I got the right answer from myself, and talked to Akimoto-sensei about my wish to graduate.

I'm really happy for being an Idol for 10 years, after entering the 3rd Gen I can meet friends that are loved. I live in a big group that's so lovely for 10 years and I'm proud of it. I wanted to be a captain, as a senior, as a celebrity for everyone, as a compass for everyone. I was not outstanding in AKB. When I have become a successful actress, I want to be a figure that can give guidance to all other members to tell that "This path is real".

I want to graduate myself from HKT48
I want to graduate myself while surrounded by HKT48 members
I want to graduate as Aika Oota from HKT48

All members say to me "What should we do when Ai-chan is not with us anymore?"
1st Gen HKT48 members are already experienced. There are many first gen in K4 who can be depended on, and the Second Generation also can compete against the 1st Gen. I can graduate in peace. First Gen members are strong. If senior members work seriously, the junior members can grow by following that example. From my deepest heart, I can say "It's alright". I will keep enjoying HKT48 without myself.

From now on, they surely keep on maturing.

I will keep supporting you as the best fan, I will always be on your side.

This post becomes long, however, please keep your support for Aika Oota until the end, 10 April 2017. From now on, please keep your support."

Translated to Indo by shooter48, revised as necessary by #MionAnnin


Translated to Eng by Qelopin.

Original post by 48Family Indonesia - FAM48INA

Original instagram post by γ‚‰γΆγŸγ‚“

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